I am a begginner in the world of skinning, and hope to become as good as some of the other authors I have seen out there.
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September 16, 2005 by firstliight
I was wondering if any one here knows how to add spacing between the user
accounts and the scrollbar so that the accounts are not like they are stuck
right against the scrollbar.

I also would like to know if any one knows how to add spacing between the
user accounts them selves so that they do not look like they are
stacked right on top of each other?

Also could any one tell me how does one change the size of the scrollbar
graphics, like the up and down buttons and the slider ...
September 15, 2005 by firstliight
I am trying to learn how to become better at designing Boot screens, Logon Screens, Window Blinds, and other XP skins.

I would like to find out the name of the type of script used in creating skins in logon studio, or logon screens and other skins.

No one seems to be able to answer this question.

Does any here know what the programming language is for writing logon screens UIfile?

I would like to learn the scripting language, but I don’t’ know the name.

The same language seems to...